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A son, a brother, a husband, a father of eight, and a friend. A follower of Jesus Christ. A fan of the Seminoles and all teams Atlanta. I write, I read, and teach when I can. I prefer red pens. I'm easily distracted. I've lived in Augusta, GA, northern Minnesota, the beautiful western NC mountains, and Tallahassee, FL - Go 'Noles. I played football for FSU, was on the national championship team in 1999, and took a few snaps with the Pittsburgh Steelers. My favorite colors are fluorescent yellow, and Garnet & Gold. I drive a minivan and think it's cool.

Seasons is complete!

  My poor mini van is riding on it’s rear axle due to the weight of 1000 copies of Seasons sitting in the back. In case you are wondering, that’s 867 pounds of books! I should probably get those out. … Continue reading

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My new book is ready to print! Pictures of the process.

After lots of writing, lots of editing, and lots of formatting, my second book is going to press this afternoon. It’s called Seasons: What College Athletes Need to Know About Their Future. I went by Rose Printing to sign off on the … Continue reading

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Writing would be easier if…

You don’t have to read many books on the craft, be they memoir or how-to, to find out writing is hard work. And it is. As a married man with five young children and a full-time job I sometimes envy … Continue reading

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Unglamorous: Act 2

Cause him to suffer – our words, the Father’s will Righteousness personified… and rejected Upon him? The punishment that brought us peace Crushed not for what he did, but for our iniquities Innocent blood for the guilty – hammers in … Continue reading

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Are you scared of flying? A poem of comfort.

My wife is off to Colorado today and she’s a little apprehensive about the flight, so I wrote her this poem. Maybe you’ll find comfort in it too. You’re Going on a Plane Today You’re going on a plane today … Continue reading

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How many books do you read in a year?

I read about thirty to forty books a year and numerous magazines, but usually not the personal-experience type of literature.” -Gary L. Thomas, from “Sacred Marriage” When I ask about key principles for becoming a good writer, I almost always get … Continue reading

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Where do my story ideas come from?

The not quite final manuscript of my second book is being, or has been, read by a few different people to give me feedback and improve the final product. I’ve received some great thoughts and some absolutely necessary corrections. For … Continue reading

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facebook & twitter or Facebook and Twitter???

A friend reviewing my forthcoming book kept marking the words “facebook” and “twitter” in my story claiming both should be capitalized. Before you assume I’ve written a novel full of social media cliché, it’s actually a chapter where a member … Continue reading

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Unglamorous: Act 1

Entered the world’s stage dependent on another Mothered by an assumed harlot, fathered by a perceived weakling Manifestation of promised pain – reminds us why he had to come, hints at what he came to do Authority, like his teeth, … Continue reading

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What I learned: Maggie, by Charles Martin

I’ve read almost everything Charles Martin has available. Chasing Fireflies is my favorite, and I shared what it taught me in a previous post. Maggie is his second novel – a sequel to The Dead Don’t Dance – and I … Continue reading

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