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Coarse Language, but not Coarse Reading

I’ve written a couple posts about the use of colorful language in literary works, highlighting a problem without offering many solutions. With that I mind, I wanted to share a few creative ways for characters to express themselves while still allowing the … Continue reading

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Infer or Imply: The Importance of Using Precise Words

I recently wrote a blog about the  journalist’s responsibility to be specific with their words – the topic at hand was micro-evolution vs. macro-evolution. Ironically, my failure to use precise words taught me a lesson. A reader disagreed with my position, and … Continue reading

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The Language of Little Bee

I overheard a girl raving about the book Incendiary, written by British author Chris Cleave, after I finished my book signing in Jacksonville. I asked her why she found the author so compelling and she gushed about his masterful use of perspective. Recently, … Continue reading

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