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“Courage Pushed On” – A Poem for my wife and Lucy’s mother.

Anxiety called out, “It’s time.” Like Jesus in Gethsemane, the weight of the Genesis three promise – personal pain for another’s life – pressed in. Her body trembling, retching. Courage pushed on. Fear arrived and took up her cross. Like … Continue reading

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Complicated – A Poem

This was originally posted on one of my other blogs, Nobody’s Normal. You can read the brief narrative of how it came to be here, but I wanted to republish it at Discovering Writing because it’s fruit of my deepening … Continue reading

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Poetry for my sister, on her birthday

Today is my sister Gina’s birthday, and I’ve written her a few poems. Gina’s Haiku Colorado was invaded by Gina and never the same Gina’s Cinquain Gina Older sister She shares my love, Roma’s In Augusta, two slices each Sausage … Continue reading

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I’m Like Nate

I’m Like Nate. Happily existing. Comfortable. Taking it all in. Well, not all. I have no concept of all. Nate lives in a world with boundaries. Ends. Walls. Capacities. He thinks he knows all. He’s ignorant of his ignorance. Nate lives … Continue reading

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The Road He Traveles

Robert Frost culminated his adored poem with the following, Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference The poem encourages people to avoid following the crowd, … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Poem

I’ll share a simple little acrostic I came up with to honor the Veterans. I thought it might be a creative, fun way for us to voice our support. Here’s what I’m looking for, use VETERAN, or VETERANS DAY, to write an acrostic honoring … Continue reading

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